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System of Treatment

Generally, the allopathic system of medicine is used for providing Medical Benefit. However, where a substantial number of workers demand treatment by Indian system of medicine and Homoeopathy (ISM & H) other than Allopathy and where the State Government has recognised the qualifications in such system, treatment facilities may be provided under the ISM & H as well. The various ISM &H systems of treatment in vogue are:, Ayurvedic, Unani, Sidha, Yoga therapy and Homeopathy.

Certificates required for the purpose of Cash Benefits in respect of persons treated by ISM &H should be issued by IMO /IMP having recognised qualifications in such system and duly appointed by the State Government. The issue of certificates under ISM &H is possible only where dispensaries in systems other than allopathic medicine are functioning independently with IPs and their family units attached to them and not functioning merely as referral units. In places where ISM &H units function only as referral centres, certificates will have to be issued by the Allopathic dispensary to which the IP is attached.