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Domiciliary Treatment

An Insured Person and his family members are entitled to free medical attendance by IMO/IMP at their residence when the condition of the patient is such that he/she cannot reasonably be expected to attend the dispensary/clinic.

Conveyance allowance for Domiciliary visit

  • For the domiciliary visit, the IMO's are paid conveyance allowance. The quantum of this allowance is decided by the State Government in consultation with the Corporation.
  • The IMPs are not paid any domiciliary conveyance allowance. In their case, it is included in the capitation fee upto a distance of 5 km. between the Clinic of IMP and IP's residence.

The IMOs/IMPs are required to maintain record of domiciliary visits in a register month-wise. The columns in this register are given under the Chapter "Sickness Absenteeism and Recording".