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Specialists Consultation

The standard of Medical Care under the E.S.I. Scheme provides for specialist consultation to IP in all cases and to members of their families in areas with "Expanded" and "Full" Medical Care. Arrangements for specialist consultation may be provided at Specialist/Diagnostic Centres, E.S.I. Hospitals or at such other institutions by appointing Specialists/Super Specialists on full time/part-time basis where suitable arrangements exist. Such consultation is provided in the following specialities:-

1 General Medicine
2 General Surgery
3 Pulmonary Medicine (Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases)
4 Obstetrics and Gynaecology
5 Pathology
6 Paediatrics
7 Eye
8 Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
9 Skin and STD
10 Radiology
11 Orthopaedics Rehabilitation Services (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy)
12 Dental
13 Psychiatry
14 Critical Care Services
15 Cardiology
16 Neurology
17 Urology and Nephrology
18 Gastro-enterology
19 Endocrinology
20 Oncology
21 Burns and Plastic Surgery
22 Cardio Thoracic Surgery
23 Neurosurgery
24 Occupational Medicine
25 Laboratory Services
26 Blood Transfusion Services
28 Haematological Services
29 Anaesthesiology

It may not be necessary to appoint specialists in all specialities at all centres. However, specialists in the first 13 specialities mentioned above may be made available in each diagnostic Centre and emergency centres as far as possible. The other specialities may be provided as per disease profile of the area/as per requirement.