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Artificial Limbs & Aids

Artificial Limbs, Aids and Appliances

Insured Persons and their family members are provided following artificial limbs, aids and appliances as part of medical care under the E.S.I. Scheme.:-

  • Artificial limbs
  • Hearing Aids
  • Spectacles (Frame costing not more than Rs.100/- and replacement of frames not to be made earlier than 5 years) (To insured persons only)
  • Artificial Dentures, teeth (To insured persons only)
  • Artificial Eye (To insured persons only)
  • Wigs (replacement not earlier than 5 years) to female beneficiaries only
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Wheel Chair/tricycle
  • Spinal supports (jackets, braces etc.)
  • Cervical collars
  • Walking callipers, surgical boots etc.
  • Crutches
  • Hip prosthesis, total hip
  • Intra ocular lens (IOL)
  • Any other aid or appliances prescribed by the specialist as part of treatment.

The expenditure on artificial limbs, aids and appliances is met from the shareable pool of expenditure on medical care.