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Dancing With the Stars Season 32 Premiere: All About The Contestants, Judges, Host And Pro Dancers

While some may argue that Dancing With the Stars has lost its spark, the highly anticipated premiere of Season 32 is set to prove them wrong.

With a star-studded lineup of contestants, the return of beloved judges, and the addition of new hosts, this season promises an exciting and historic journey.

As the show makes its way back to its origins, fans can expect captivating performances, fierce competition, and the race for the iconic Mirrorball Trophy.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the magic of dance once again.

Key Takeaways

  • The premiere of Dancing With the Stars Season 32 is scheduled for September 26, 2023, and it will be a return to its original format after being exclusively on Disney+.
  • The new hosts for Season 32 are Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough, as revealed in a teaser for the show.
  • The cast of contestants for Season 32 was announced on September 13 and includes notable names such as Xochitl Gomez, Harry Jowsey, Ariana Madix, and Charity Lawson.
  • While Mark Ballas has retired from the show, Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson will be returning as pro dancers for Season 32 after the birth of their newborn.

Contestants Revealed for Season 32

After much anticipation, the contestants for Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars have been revealed. This season promises to be an exciting one, with a diverse cast of celebrities ready to showcase their dance skills.

Among the contestants are Xochitl Gomez, best known for her role in 'The Babysitter's Club,' Harry Jowsey, a reality TV star from 'Too Hot to Handle,' and Ariana Madix, a popular actress from 'Vanderpump Rules.' Each contestant brings their own unique background story, adding a layer of intrigue to the competition.

Fan reactions to the cast have been mixed, with some expressing excitement for their favorite celebrities and others questioning the inclusion of certain contestants. Nonetheless, viewers are eagerly awaiting the season premiere on September 26th to see how these contestants will fare on the dance floor.

The New Judges for Season 32

Who are the new judges for Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars? The new judges for Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars are Tinashe, Derek Hough, and Jenna Dewan. These three talented individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the judging panel. Tinashe is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who has previously competed on the show, giving her a unique perspective. Derek Hough is a professional dancer and choreographer who has won the show's mirrorball trophy six times. Jenna Dewan is also a professional dancer and actress, known for her work in the film Step Up. The addition of these new judges is expected to have a significant impact on the show, influencing the contestants' performances and adding new dynamics to the judging process.

Judge Background
Tinashe Singer, songwriter, dancer
Derek Hough Professional dancer, choreographer
Jenna Dewan Professional dancer, actress

Meet the Hosts of Season 32

Two hosts will be leading the way for Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars. Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough have been announced as the new hosts of the show. As the premiere date approaches, preparations behind the scenes are in full swing.

Here are some discussion ideas regarding the hosts of Season 32:

  • Behind the scenes preparations for the season 32 premiere:
  • Rehearsals with Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough to ensure smooth hosting.
  • Wardrobe selection and fittings for the hosts to look their best on camera.
  • The significance of Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough as the new hosts:
  • Alfonso Ribeiro brings his experience as a former champion on the show, adding credibility and insight to the hosting role.
  • Julianne Hough's background as a professional dancer and judge on the show gives her a unique perspective, making her a valuable addition to the hosting team.

With their combined expertise and charm, Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough are expected to bring a fresh and exciting energy to Dancing With the Stars Season 32.

Pro Dancer Updates for Season 32

Additionally, several pro dancers have made updates for Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars.

One notable pro dancer, Jenna Johnson, will be returning after taking a break in Season 31 due to her pregnancy. Johnson has had an impressive career on the show, having won the mirrorball trophy twice, once with Adam Rippon in Season 26 and again with Karamo Brown in Season 28. Her return to the dance floor is highly anticipated by fans.

As for the pro dancers' training schedule, they typically spend hours rehearsing with their celebrity partners to perfect their routines. This includes learning choreography, practicing technique, and ensuring synchronization. The dedication and hard work of the pro dancers contribute to the success of the show.

Mark Ballas Retires From Dancing With the Stars

After a successful career spanning multiple seasons, Mark Ballas has officially retired from Dancing With the Stars. Ballas, a professional dancer and choreographer, first appeared on the show in Season 5 and went on to win the mirrorball trophy twice. His retirement marks the end of an era for the popular dance competition.

The impact of Mark Ballas' retirement on the show's success is significant. Here are two ways in which his departure will be felt:

  • Loss of Experience and Expertise:
  • Ballas was known for his exceptional dancing skills and creative choreography, which added a unique flair to the performances.
  • His absence may be felt in the quality and innovation of the routines, as his expertise cannot be easily replaced.
  • Emotional Connection with Fans:
  • Ballas had a devoted fan base who admired his talent and charismatic personality.
  • His retirement may lead to a decrease in viewer engagement and emotional investment, as fans may miss his presence on the show.

Witney Carson Mcallister's Departure From the Show

Witney Carson McAllister's decision to depart from the show marks a significant loss in the pool of talented pro dancers for Dancing With the Stars Season 32. Witney has been a beloved and skilled dancer on the show since she joined in Season 18, and her absence will surely be felt by fans and fellow cast members alike. While the exact reasons for her departure have not been publicly disclosed, it is speculated that Witney has chosen to prioritize her family at this time. As a married woman and new mother, it is understandable that she would want to dedicate more time and energy to her personal life. Witney's departure will undoubtedly have an impact on the dynamics of the show, as she brought a unique style and charisma to her performances. Her absence will create a void that may be difficult to fill, but it also presents an opportunity for new talent to shine on the Dancing With the Stars stage.

Reason for Departure Impact on Show's Dynamics Future of Witney Carson McAllister
Prioritizing Family Loss of Unique Style Potential Return in Future Seasons
Pursuit of Other Dancing Ventures

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson's Return After Baby

Despite recently welcoming their newborn, Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson are set to make their highly anticipated return to Dancing With the Stars for Season 32. The couple's experience as parents will undoubtedly bring a new dynamic to their performances on the show.

  • Val and Jenna's experience as parents:
  • They recently became parents after welcoming their newborn.
  • Their journey as parents will likely bring a newfound depth and emotion to their dancing.
  • Val and Jenna's dancing style and partnership:
  • Val Chmerkovskiy is known for his powerful and precise movements on the dance floor.
  • Jenna Johnson, on the other hand, is recognized for her grace and elegance.
  • Their combined talents and strong partnership have consistently impressed the judges and audience in previous seasons.
  • Fans can expect to see their unique blend of styles and chemistry shine through in their performances once again.

Jenna Johnson's Pregnancy and Season 31 Absence

Jenna Johnson was unable to participate in season 31 of Dancing With the Stars due to her pregnancy. Her absence in the previous season had a significant impact on the show, as Johnson is known for her impressive dance skills and dynamic performances. Fans were disappointed to miss out on seeing her on the dance floor.

However, they can now look forward to her return in season 32. Johnson is now ready to showcase her talents once again and is highly anticipated by viewers. She will be partnering with Val Chmerkovskiy, and together they are expected to bring their A-game to the competition.

With her talent and dedication, Johnson is expected to entertain audiences with her incredible dance routines. Fans are excited to see her back in action and are eager to witness the chemistry between Johnson and Chmerkovskiy on the dance floor.

Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa Make History in Season 30

In a groundbreaking moment for Dancing With the Stars, JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson became the first same-sex competitors in the show's history during Season 30. This partnership had a significant impact on the show and its audience.

Increased Representation:

  • Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa's partnership marked a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity on the show.
  • Their presence helped to normalize same-sex partnerships and showcased the talent and skill of LGBTQ+ dancers.

Cultural Shift:

  • The inclusion of same-sex competitors challenged traditional gender norms and sparked conversations about equality and acceptance.
  • It allowed viewers to see different types of dance partnerships and expanded the possibilities for future seasons.

The groundbreaking partnership between Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa not only made history but also had a positive impact on the show by promoting inclusivity and fostering important conversations about representation and acceptance.

Streaming Availability for Season 32

Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars will be available for streaming on Hulu, providing viewers with the option to watch the show online. This streaming availability ensures a wider audience reach, as fans have multiple options to watch the new season.

Previously, the show was exclusively on Disney+, but season 32 will also air on ABC and be available for streaming on Hulu. The decision to put the show on Hulu is likely a strategic move by Disney to attract new fans and expand the show's viewership.

Dancing With the Stars on Disney+ and ABC

While Dancing With the Stars was previously exclusively on Disney+, season 32 will also air on ABC, expanding its reach to a wider audience. This move brings about some differences between Dancing With the Stars on Disney+ and ABC, as well as an impact on viewership due to the streaming availability.

Differences between Dancing With the Stars on Disney+ and ABC:

  • Disney+ allowed fans to watch previous seasons of the show exclusively on their streaming service, while ABC provides a traditional broadcast platform.
  • ABC offers a live viewing experience with the opportunity for fans to vote for their favorite contestants, while Disney+ does not have this interactive element.

Impact of streaming availability on viewership:

  • By airing on both Disney+ and ABC, Dancing With the Stars season 32 ensures a wider audience reach.
  • The availability of the show on multiple platforms gives fans more options to watch and engage with the new season, potentially leading to increased viewership.

Attracting New Fans With Streaming Availability

With the inclusion of streaming availability on Hulu, Dancing With the Stars season 32 aims to attract new fans by providing a convenient and accessible way to watch the show. Previously, the show was exclusively available on Disney+, but now, fans have multiple options to enjoy the new season.

The streaming advantages of Hulu ensure a wider audience reach, as viewers can watch the show at their own convenience and from any location. By making the show available on a popular streaming platform like Hulu, Dancing With the Stars season 32 has the potential to attract new fans who may not have access to cable television or who prefer to consume their content through streaming services.

This move reflects the show's commitment to adapting to the changing viewing habits of audiences and expanding its fan base.

Impact and Popularity of the Show

The popularity of Dancing With the Stars is evident in its dedicated fan base and the impact it has had on the careers of its celebrity contestants. The show has become a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of viewers each season and sparking conversations about dance and entertainment.

  • Impact on the dance industry: Dancing With the Stars has played a significant role in bringing dance into the mainstream. The show has introduced various dance styles to a wide audience, inspiring many to take up dancing as a hobby or even pursue it professionally. It has also provided a platform for professional dancers to showcase their skills and gain recognition in the industry.
  • Celebrity guest appearances: Dancing With the Stars has featured a diverse array of celebrity contestants, ranging from actors and musicians to athletes and reality TV stars. These guest appearances not only bring in a wider audience but also provide a unique opportunity for the celebrities to showcase their talents and challenge themselves in a new way. The show has been a stepping stone for many celebrities, propelling them to new heights in their careers.

Excitement for a Diverse Cast in Season 32

The inclusion of a diverse cast in Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars has generated immense excitement among fans and industry professionals alike. The show has made a conscious effort to showcase a wide range of talent from different backgrounds, which has been highly anticipated.

This diverse cast not only brings a fresh and inclusive perspective to the competition, but it also reflects the changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

The impact of judges' comments on the diverse cast cannot be underestimated. Constructive feedback from the judges can greatly influence the growth and development of the contestants, helping them to improve their skills and performances.

With a diverse cast, the judges' comments have the potential to inspire and motivate a broader audience, as viewers from different communities and backgrounds can see themselves represented on the show.

The Race for the Mirrorball Trophy

Contestants will fiercely compete for the coveted mirrorball trophy in Dancing With the Stars Season 32. As they take to the ballroom floor, the importance of diverse representation becomes evident. The journey of the contestants is not just about showcasing their dancing skills, but also about representing various backgrounds and identities.

In this season's race for the mirrorball trophy, the contestants will embark on a transformative journey. They will push their physical and mental limits, honing their dance techniques and perfecting their performances. The competition will test their resilience, determination, and ability to adapt to different dance styles.

Additionally, the diverse representation in the cast brings a fresh perspective to the show. It allows viewers from various communities to see themselves represented on a mainstream platform, fostering inclusivity and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Ultimately, the race for the mirrorball trophy is not just about winning. It is about the personal growth, the connections formed, and the impact made on audiences through the journey of the contestants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do the Judges Decide Who Wins the Mirrorball Trophy?

The judges determine the winner of the mirrorball trophy on Dancing With the Stars based on a combination of judging criteria. These criteria typically include technical skill, performance quality, showmanship, and improvement throughout the season.

The judges assign scores to each performance, which are then combined with the audience votes. The audience plays a significant role in determining the winner, as their votes are combined with the judges' scores to determine the final outcome.

The contestant with the highest overall score is awarded the mirrorball trophy.

Are the Contestants Allowed to Choose Their Own Dance Styles?

Contestants on Dancing With the Stars are not allowed to choose their own dance styles. The dance styles are assigned to the contestants by the show's producers and choreographers.

This ensures that each contestant is challenged and given the opportunity to learn and perform a variety of dance styles throughout the competition. While some contestants may have previous dance experience, the show aims to provide a level playing field for all participants, regardless of their dance background.

Will There Be Any Special Guest Performances During the Season?

Special guest performances and surprise celebrity appearances are highly anticipated events during each season of Dancing With the Stars. While there is no specific information available about the presence of special guests in Season 32, the show has a history of incorporating exciting performances by renowned artists and surprise appearances by popular celebrities.

These moments add an extra level of excitement and entertainment for both the contestants and the audience, enhancing the overall experience of the show. Fans can look forward to potential surprises and memorable performances throughout the season.

How Are the Pro Dancers Paired With the Celebrity Contestants?

Celebrity dancer partnerships on Dancing With the Stars are carefully selected through a rigorous process. The show's producers consider factors such as chemistry, compatibility, and the potential for growth and improvement.

Pro dancers are often paired with celebrities based on their expertise and dance style. The goal is to create dynamic and captivating performances that showcase both the celebrity's talents and the pro dancer's skills.

The pairing process is crucial in determining the success and chemistry of each duo throughout the season.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Competing on Dancing With the Stars?

Age restrictions and eligibility requirements for competing on Dancing With the Stars vary. Generally, contestants must be at least 18 years old and have some level of dance experience. However, there have been exceptions in the past, such as younger contestants with special circumstances or professional athletes who participate in the show.

The producers of Dancing With the Stars carefully consider each potential contestant's age, physical abilities, and overall suitability for the competition to ensure a fair and entertaining experience for all participants.


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